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Silver Crescent Pendant


Chain Length


Sterling silver hammered crescent pendant.

The shape of the pendant is reminiscent of the Navajo naja symbol, originally derived from Phoenician origins. This symbol has had many representations throughout history, including the Phoenician goddess of fertility, Astarte. It has also been used by the Moors on horses' bridles as ornamentation and protection for the horse and rider from the "evil eye". This symbol was later brought to America by the Spanish in the late 16th century, where it still appears today in jewelry designs of Navajo artists and silversmiths. 


This pendant design is part of the Modern Bohemian Collection and it looks fabulous with the large hoop earrings and the hoop post back earrings.


  • Total Pendant dimensions: 33 x 46 mm (1 1/4 x 1 13/16 inches)
  • Available on your choice of  18, 20, 24, or 30 inch sterling silver snake chain.


  1. This pendant is in stock and ready to ship. 
  2. Because this pendant is handcrafted, the item you receive may contain slight variances from the photos shown. As a result, each one is unique, just like you. All efforts will be made to be true to photos and the overall quality of the design and workmanship is not compromised. 

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