What's the Deal with Pink Sapphires?

What's the Deal with Pink Sapphires?

Did you know that rubies and sapphires are actually different varieties of the same stone? They’re both corundum, which is a crystalline aluminum oxide. It is the presence of other mineral impurities that create the different colours of sapphires. If a sapphire has a sufficient amount of chromium in it, the impurity that creates the different shades of pink and red, it is considered to be a ruby.

Prior to the 20th century, if a sapphire contained chromium it was considered to be a ruby. Nowadays, to be a ruby, the stone must be an obvious shade of red. Anything lighter is considered a pink sapphire. Though the line between a dark pink sapphire and a ruby can be pretty grey.

There is no definitive point where one becomes the other. So we have pink sapphires and red rubies. But then some rubies are labeled pink rubies. I know, it’s confusing. It truly is a corundum conundrum.

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