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Bucket List or F@ck It List?

Lisa Robertson

Posted on July 19 2018

Bucket List or Fu@k It ListThere is much talk of Bucket lists. All the things we want to experience in life. We are made to feel compelled to compile and execute on these lists because, well, you never know…. But what about a F@ck It list. A list of all the things we hold on to that we no longer want, or need, or serve us. The emotional baggage we haul around that blurs our perceptions. The internal stories we tell ourselves, so we feel better about our place in the world. The physical things we think we need, but only tie us down. The relationships that drain, rather than fulfill. How much better would our lives be if we could make more space within ourselves for the things and the people who truly matter. The clarity we could gain to better see our lives, our purpose, and our goals, by crossing off a couple of items on the F@ck It list. The increased strength and energy we could have by lightening our emotional and physical burdens. ⠀⠀
I was recently and harshly reminded of how fleeting and fragile life can be. Whenever I have lost someone I love, I have always wondered if that person truly had a chance to experience what they really wanted to in life. Did they even know what those things were? How many items did they get to cross of their bucket list – and is that how a life should be remembered or even measured? I have no idea. But I do wonder if the key to a more fulfilled life is in what we are able to let go of, as opposed to what we acquire and hold on to. The things we can say f@ck It to, in a completely positive and productive way to create more spaciousness and openness in our lives. How much more fulfilling would the bucket list experiences be if we minimized the F@ck It list first? What would you put on your F@ck It list?

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