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Selene Moon Goddess Pendant in Amethyst

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The silvery light shimmers in her hair as she skips along the shore’s edge, fracturing the full moon’s reflection on the water. She stops, raises her arms in an embrace, throws back her head, and laughs softly. She bathes in the light of the moon as the waves lap softly at her feet and the wind blows gently through her hair. She is recharged, energized, and glows from within. She is strengthened by the moon and made beautiful by it’s light. She is Selene.


Selene, the ancient Greek Titan goddess of the moon, is best known for driving her chariot and team of winged horses every night to pull the moon across the heavens. Through the ancient myths, she is depicted as strong, spirited, and independent. 

Like its namesake, the Selene pendant radiates strength of spirit. Wear it as a talisman of your own inner strength and spirited, independent soul.

This pendant is comprised of two sterling silver outer rings with an offset 8 mm round cabochon cut amethyst. It has a hammered and polished finish, which catches and reflects the light, reminiscent of moonlight shimmering on water.

For information on the gemstone used in this design, check out the For the Love of Gemstones blog post.


The pendant is 26 mm (just over 1 inch) in diameter and comes on an 18 inch snake chain. 


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  2. Because each item is handcrafted, and to allow for variations in gemstones, the item you receive may contain slight variances from the photos shown. As a result, each piece is unique, just like you. All efforts will be made to be true to photos and the overall quality of the design and workmanship is not compromised.

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