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Aura Pendant with Amethyst

Aura Pendant with Amethyst

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With moon dust in her hair and starlight in her eyes, she floats past you, radiating a beautiful ethereal glow. You are compelled to follow. Can you keep up?


Genuine oval amethyst cabochon cut stone set in sterling silver surrounded by a hammered finish circle reminiscent of an aura.

For information on the gemstone used in this design, check out the For the Love of Gemstones blog post.


  • 10 x 12 mm cabochon cut stone
  • 24 mm total diameter
  • 16” or 18" sterling silver beaded chain - indicate which length you prefer in the notes field during checkout


  1. This necklace is in stock and ready to ship.
  2. Indicate which chain length you would prefer in the notes field when ordering.
  3. Because each item is handcrafted, and to allow for variations in gemstones, the item you receive may contain slight variances from the photos shown. As a result, each piece is unique, just like you. All efforts will be made to be true to photos and the overall quality of the design and workmanship is not compromised.

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