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Frosted Flowers Dendritic Chalcedony Pendant



A one-of-a-kind dendritic chalcedony gemstone winter-inspired pendant. The details in this oval-shaped stone are reminiscent of dried wildflowers captured in ice. This unique cabochon-cut stone is bezel set in silver with textured details. A black patina has been applied to the setting, which further highlights the design details.

This pendant coordinates beautifully with all the pieces in the Winter Sleep collection.

Dendritic chalcedony is often referred to as dendritic opal, though it isn't a true opal. Dendritic opals do exist but are quite rare. Dendritic chalcedony became labeled as dendritic opal by many stone sellers; however, because this stone is chalcedony and not opal means it is harder and less likely to scratch or chip from everyday wear. The dendrites or fernlike inclusions of metallic oxides like manganese or iron are what make this stone unique and interesting. No two stones are alike and the dendrites evoke the impression of a miniature winter landscape captured within each stone.

Dimensions: The dendritic chalcedony stone is approximately 11 x 18 mm. The overall pendant size is 14 x 29 mm.

Comes on a 16-inch sterling silver rolo-style chain.

This pendant is handcrafted with care and attention to detail in Ottawa, Canada, using sustainably sourced sterling (.925) and fine (.999) silver.

This pendant is one-of-a-kind and you will receive the exact item shown in the photographs. It is in stock and ready to ship.

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