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Black Star Diopside and Dendritic Chalcedony Three-Way Convertible Statement Earrings



These triple-duty statement earrings can be worn three different ways! Wear the black star diopside hooks on their own or in combination with the dendritic chalcedony drops to make a statement. The drops, when removed from the diopside hooks, can be attached to a pair of plain ear hooks (included) and worn on their own for a third look.

These earrings coordinate beautifully with all of the necklaces in the Winter Sleep collection.

Dendritic chalcedony is often referred to as dendritic opal, though it isn't a true opal. Dendritic opals do exist but are quite rare. Dendritic chalcedony became labeled as dendritic opal by many stone sellers; however, because this stone is chalcedony and not opal means it is harder and less likely to scratch or chip from everyday wear. The dendrites or fernlike inclusions of metallic oxides like manganese or iron are what make this stone unique and interesting. No two stones are alike and the dendrites evoke the impression of a miniature winter landscape captured within each stone.

Black star diopside is a black gemstone comprised of calcium magnesium silicate which displays a special star-like optical effect known as asterism. This star effect is a result of inclusions of very fine rutile needles within the stone's structure that are aligned to reflect light in a star pattern. 

Dimensions: the diopside stones are approximately 7 x 9 mm. The dendritic chalcedony stones are 10 x 20 mm. The overall earring dimensions are 15 x 45 mm. The total drop length from the top of the ear wire to the bottom of the setting is approximately 52 mm.

These earrings are handcrafted with care and attention to detail in Ottawa, Canada using sustainably sourced sterling (.925) and fine (.999) silver.

The hand-wrought earring hooks are sterling silver and are nickel-free.

Rubber stoppers are included with the plain ear hooks to keep the earrings securely in place.

These earrings are one of a kind and you will receive the exact pair shown in the photographs.

These earrings are in stock and ready to ship.

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