The Beauty of Lavender Turquoise

The Beauty of Lavender Turquoise

The colours in Lavender Turquoise are unlike any other variety it turquoise. Various shades of periwinkle and aqua blue combine with a deep umber matrix and undertones of lavender.

Lavender Turquoise Pendants

Lavender Turquoise is also known as Golden Hills Turquoise and is only found at the Altyn Tyube mine in Kazakhstan. Altyn Tyube translates to Golden Hills. The turquoise deposit here was first discovered in 2013, however the mine had been operational since the late 1800’s when a new mineral, dioptase, was first discovered. The turquoise at Altyn Tyube can only be mined in the winter when the ground is frozen, due to flooding conditions during the rest of the year.

Unlike a lot of turquoise on the market today, Kazakhstan lavender turquoise is one of the most chemically pure forms of turquoise, which means that it is high grade, durable, and less likely to be treated or stabilized.

In the last few years, it has become highly sought after by collectors and jewelry artisans, which has unfortunately started to drive up the price. This is some of the finest turquoise I have ever had the pleasure to work with. I can’t get enough of these gorgeous colours. To see more designs that incorporate this beautiful variety of turquoise, check out the Lavender Skies Collection.

Lavender turquoise pendant and drop earrings and a pair of blue topaz stud earrings.

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